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Cellular Sales' cellphone repair centers are equipped to repair your smartphones and tablets. We offer same-day repairs and service for cracked smartphone screens, cracked glass, and devices damaged by water. We repair both Android and iPhone devices. We can repair your device no matter how you're covered or where you purchased your smartphone or tablet. Our skilled technicians are ready to help repair your smartphone or tablet quickly and at a price that fits your budget.

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WATER DAMAGE ›water-damage If your cell phone comes into contact with a liquid, do not plug it in or turn it on before it's dry. Supplying power to a wet electronic can quickly cause a short and irreversible damage to the components. If possible, remove the battery immediately.
SCREEN REPAIR ›water-damage If you crack the glass on your phone and can't make arrangements right away to have it repaired, consider placing tape or a screen protector over the lens to hold everything together. A small crack in the glass can easily spread with another impact and result in the touch screen or LCD going out and making the phone unusable.