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Common Issues

Common cellphone repair issues

We've seen just about every type of cellphone damage, but some are more common than others.

While you might be able to tackle some problems like device back-up and minor water damage, we strongly recommend bringing your cellphone or tablet by for an assessment to make sure there aren't any long-lasting issues. Your device is a key part of your life and we'll make sure it's back up and running in no time.

Water damage

If your cellphone comes into contact with a liquid, do not plug it in or turn it on before it's dry. Supplying power to a wet electronic can quickly cause a short and irreversible damage to the components. If possible, remove the battery immediately.

If your device comes into contact with liquid, dry the phone off as quickly as possible and make sure it is turned off.Contact us so we can have a trained technician open the phone, carefully remove all components, and manually removing any remaining liquid while cleaning the components before corrosion can start.

Time is of the essence when it comes to liquid damage. Every hour that goes by can lessens the chance of a successful water damage repair. A phone can even function for a few days before corrosion sets in after a liquid incident.

If your phone comes into contact with a liquid, get it looked at as quickly as possible.

Cracked glass

If you crack the glass on your phone and can't make arrangements right away to have it repaired, consider placing tape or a screen protector over the lens to hold everything together. A small crack in the glass can easily spread with another impact and result in the touch screen or LCD going out and making the phone unusable.


Google and Apple accounts keep you more connected and secure than ever. Forgetting these passwords however can put your device out of commission for a time. Should you need to wipe or reset your device for troubleshooting reasons, you will often need these user name and passwords to sign back into your device.

Cellphone backups

You should backup your cellphone on a regular basis. If you use an iPhone, backup the cellphone to iTunes on a computer or iCloud thru a WiFi connection. There are a variety backup apps available for Android. One popular Android backup app is MyBackup Pro.

You also might consider using Google Photos and Verizon Cloud for backing up photos and contacts.